It is well known that Piraeus and its suburbs have been a main idustrial centre of Greece since 1950, which, even in middle 1970s-1980s had shown signs of suffocation (overcrowding) due to unuruled and unprogrammmming establishment and operation of Industries foundries, tammeries, shipbuilding companies etc.

Nowadays, the development is almost impossible mainly because of the changes in the legal framework and the expansion of towns and settlements of cities, therefore most produstion units are into residential areas. In 1977 the professional associations applied to the Ministry of Industry for the construction of an industrial area, where the production units could be relocated in order to be able to operate seamlessly and without disturbing the residential areas.

A chosen area which could support the relocation was the area where Schisto's Industrial Park was established and included the area of Shisto Cemetery. In 1986, ETBA Bank started the study for the construction of the industrial area where the relocation of foundries mostly, as well as other related operations, would be necessary.

Although the study was completed in a short time, and could be put to action immedioctely in 1988, the effort was abaudoned after the reaction of the local Mayors.

The new attempt for the construction of BIPA Shistou was initiated by ETBA Bank at the end of 1990, conducting a study which intended the operation of average and low disturbance activities as well as the relocation of foundries and other shipbuilding works. After the engraning plots and the construction of the basic infrastructures (apart from park’s electrification and telephone services), the selling of the land to the concerned businessmen began in 2003.

With will and vission the Industrial of Administration and Management and the established businesses have created the most modern Industrial Park in Greece, a model for other areas. The buildins are up to date fuctional and constructed to provide comfort and healthy working conditions to the employees.